Landscaping website for $25?

Does Your Website Suck?

Sorry — that's a pretty blunt question — but hey, that's the whole point of marketing right?  You have to get noticed. We continually receive emails and voice mails exactly like the headline above and it's obvious that there are a lot of landscaping companies out there that really hate their current websites.


First Impressions Matter Most

Landscapers are judged by their creativity, their professionalism and their attention to detail — and so are their websites.  Before potential clients ever contact you – rest assured that those exact same clients have already visited your website. If a client is contemplating a $15,000+ landscaping job, which company do you think will eventually win the bid? The company that portrays a successful, professional web presence or the company that looks like they just started their landscaping company a month ago?


Landscaping Websites

A website is the one place that landscapers do not want to look like an amateur. You may operate the best landscaping business in the state, but if your website doesn't instantly convey that message, potential clients will quickly click over to your competitor's website. Web Developers are similar to Landscapers in that we are both instantly judged on the quality of our work. Make sure your website accurately portrays the hard work you've put into building your successful landscaping business.


Website Remodel

Does your website look like it was designed in 1998 when dial-up internet was the latest rage? It's time for a Website Remodel. Imagine your beautiful new website filled with Voice-Over videos — stylish photo galleries — bright new colors — all perfectly optimized for tablets and smartphones.




Upgrade Your website!

•   Zero Money Down

•   First Month Free

•   No Contracts

•   No Commitments

•   Cancel Anytime

•   Free Web Hosting





will recreate your website in a stylish, artistic way and re-energize your focus and breathe fresh energy into your online presence.  Unlike the designer down the street, we know and  understand the landscaping business and we'll create the look you need to elevate your business from a runner-up to the leader of the pack. We're very confident in our web development abilities and we're not afraid to send you to the competition. You tell me, which company would you want to build your website? or these guys? Your potential clients are doing the exact same thing as they compare you against your competitors without you even knowing about it.


Wow - My Web Developer Sucks!

You would be surprised at how often we hear this phrase. (Or words to that effect) A high percentage of our new clients are disgruntled Landscapers who grew weary of dealing with their current web developer. If you're sick-and-tired of waiting for website updates and just wish that you could start fresh with somebody new — it's time to make the switch to . Running a landscaping business is hard work and you shouldn't have to do the web developers job as well. Switching web developers is very easy and you don't have to do anything — we'll handle the details. Ready to rock? Let's make it happen. Call us at 303-670-9000 or send us an email to get started.






Web Design Packages

We have three Web Design Packages available:

Bronze, Silver & Gold.


Web Design Packages are priced separately and include various features. Click the tabs above to review the features and options unique to each package. Once you've selected the Web Design Package that best suits your needs, click the Subscribe button below and we'll get started building your fantastic new website.


Web Hosting

It's important to realize that Growbig prices include your selected Web Design Package and all web hosting fees. The hosting fees that you are already paying your current web host are probably equal to what we charge for a complete Web Design. This means that you can switch to Growbig — get a fantastic new website — and probably pay no more than you are right now.

All Packages Include:

•  Fantastic Web Design

•  Zero Money Down

•  30 Day Trial, First Month Free

•  No Contracts

•  No Commitments

•  Cancel Anytime

•  Free Web Hosting

Self Cancel Subscriptions

All Web Packages require zero money down, no contracts or commitments and the first month is completely free. We'll build you a great new website and you'll have 30 days to decide if you'd like to keep it. If you don't love what we've created, click the Unsubscribe button below. No need to call in or submit a cancellation request. The pressure is on us to create a website you're gonna' love!










30 Day Trial: Your Credit Card Will Not Be Charged





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$1200 VALUE

$1800 VALUE

$2400 VALUE


Zero Money Down

+ First Month Free

Cancel Anytime

No Contracts / No Commitments

Self-Cancel Paypal Subscription

Client: In-Browser Editing

Website Updates:

After Design Hours have been depleted and website has been approved and uploaded

35 min / $35

35 min / $35

35 min / $35

Included Design Hours

Additional Hours: $60 each




Maximum Pages




$200 +$10 Mo

$300 +$10 Mo

$100 +$10 Mo

Includes Free Hosting

Includes Domain Name Fees

Smartphone Optimized Website




Select: Bronze, Silver or Gold

We have three Web Design Packages available. Review this table to compare the various features included within each package. Click the top tabs to review the Features & Options unique to each Web Package. If you have any questions, call 303-670-9000 or send us an email and we'll be happy to fully answer all of your questions. Click the Subscribe Tab after making selection.

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Full Screen: Rotating Photo Gallery

Full Screen: Photo Background

Unlimited Photo Gallery

Photo Zoom!

Animated Photo Captions

Slide Shows

Before & After Widget

Landscapers Collage

Photo Tour

Audio Testimonials

Pop-Up Light Box Gallery




We have a large variety of unique widgets which we've custom designed to beautifully showcase your landscaping business. Click on the red preview links to check'em out! Don't be overwhelmed by the large variety of available options and features. You just need to decide which package level to Subscribe to and leave the rest to us.

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Video Backgrounds

Audio Testimonials

Text Message Notifications

 Sent After Contact Form Submission

Background Music

Pinned Social Icons

Contact Forms

Mega Menus

Parallax Scrolling Effects

Redirect to Mobile Version

Animated Text Widgets

QR Codes for Mobile Apps



Don't be overwhelmed by the large variety of available options and features. You just need to decide which package level to Subscribe to and leave the rest to us. We'll figure which options are best to use during our phone consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens after I Subscribe?

    After you Subscribe to a Web Design Package, we will call and/or email you right away to schedule an interview. During this interview,  we will discuss your entire landscaping business, review your existing website and any previous marketing materials you may have. Our goal is to get a good grasp of your company and all of the services that you offer. This is the time to fully explain your business and mention any special considerations that we should take into account when we are building your new and improved website.


    Don't be intimidated by this interview however, and think that you need to have a lot of input prepared. A lot of small business owners don't really know what to put on their website and that's one of reasons that their websites need help in the first place. Don't worry — we do this for a living. We'll lead you through the Web Design process and you can have as little or as much input as you'd like.

  • How does the Web Design process work?

    After we have completed your initial interview, we will take this detailed information and get to work creating your Master Page. Master Pages are the foundation of your entire website as all website pages are based upon the Master. We will integrate  features, color schemes and page navigation elements using notes obtained from your initial interview. After this Master Page has been created we will send you a special link so you can check it out and give us your feedback. After you approve the Master Page, we will get to work on creating all additional pages and send you another link when they have been completed. After you approve all pages — your new and greatly improved website will go live.


    Remember — you can have as much or as little input as you wish during the Design Process. Some business owners have a lot to contribute while others are busy running their business and leave most major design decisions to us. We've heard this statement more than once: "Hey, you guys are the web experts, thats why I hired you."

  • What about future updates? Can I make website updates myself?

    Website Updates can be handled in two different ways.


    1. Growbig Updates: $20 for 20 minutes

    Most Landscapers are so busy running their business that they'd rather have Growbig complete website updates for them. Don't worry! We're not like  typical web developers that take forever to complete updates. A lot of small business owners have transferred their websites over to Growbig simply because they grew tired of waiting for their existing web developer to complete website updates. We pride ourselves on fast and efficient response times.


    2. Customer Updates: In-Browser Editing

    In-Browser Editing will give you the ability to make text and photo updates by simply logging into your website with any modern web browser. (Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) This can be really handy as there is no need to contact Growbig to handle these simple updates for you. There is no additional charge for In-Browser Editing but does require the Gold Web Design Package.

  • How do I cancel my Subscription?

    It is very easy to cancel your subscription. Simply click on the Web Design Packages tab above and look for the Unsubscribe button on the lower right side. There are no contracts or long-term commitments at Growbig. You have total control over your Paypal Subscription and can Unsubscribe at anytime.

  • What happens if I go over my Design Hours?

    Additional Design Hours are charged at $60 per hour. Don't worry though — there are never any surprises and we never exceed included Design Hours without a customers permission. We will create a specific page on the back-end of your website (Hidden from website visitors) where you can always see exact Design Hours. We strive to be completely transparent and keep our clients apprised of any ongoing work flow.

Click the Subscribe Tab after making selection.

Is the future of your landscaping business worth $25 per month?

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