Landscaper Videos

Voice-Over Videos breathe instant life into landscaper websites and presentations. We can create awesome landscaper videos using nothing more than photographs from your website. Don't have video footage? Don't worry — most Landscapers don't. We'll transform your still photographs into an engaging presentation using animation, background music, voice-overs, transitions, titles and logos.

We'll create a great landscaper video for just $325.



Embed  videos on your website. We will email the Embed Code directly to you or your Web Developer.

Attach video links to emails and place your video onto your smartphone and tablet for client presentations.

Burn your video onto DVD and include them with every landscaping bid. Upload video to YouTube and Vimeo.

Landscaper videos will separate your business from the competition and establish you as the market leader in your local community. Take your landscaping business to the next level with our professionally developed Voice-Over videos.




How to Order a Video

It's very simple to order a Landscaper Video. It's minimal effort on your part but the results could have a dramatic impact on your sales and the professionalism of your website. Everybody knows that Google is the #1 search engine in the world. But take a guess who's #2. It's YouTube. Website video is great for SEO purposes and allows people in your local community to locate your business through YouTube and Vimeo.

Buy Now

Complete the Paypal Transaction below. Each video includes up to 5 design hours which is sufficient for most landscaper videos. Additional hours are priced at $60 each but we would get your authorization before we ever exceeded the included 5 design hours.


Approve Script

After we receive your photographs, we will review your website and any previous marketing materials and write a Voice-Over script for your approval. After you approve the Voice-Over script it will then be voiced by one of our talented Voice-Over professionals.


Send Photos

Now we need your photos and/or original video. (Original video is not necessary, click the Video Info Tab above) You can email photos or we can get them from your website or download them from Dropbox. You can also mail photo prints, CD's or thumb drives if you wish.


Send to Production

We will then merge the Voice-Over soundtrack with your landscaping photos and add background music, titles, transitions, logos, graphics and special effects. The end result will be an impressive video showcasing your landscaping business which can be embedded into your existing website.




We'll create a great landscaper video for just $325.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you need from me?

    Not much actually. We just need to get access to your photographs. We can download them from your website or you can email them or send them via snail mail. After we have your photos, we'll review your current website and write a Voice-Over Script for you to review. After you approve the script — your part is done — we're off to the Video Production stage and your awesome new video will be on it's way. We'll send the video embed code to you or your Web Developer.

  • Do I need original video?

    No, absolutely not — you do not need original video. If you have original video that you would like included that's no problem. But don't think that original video is mandatory. We've made lots of great videos using nothing but still photos. We'll take your still photographs and transform them into an engaging presentation using animation, background music, voice-overs, transitions, titles and logos.

  • Original Video Tips

    If you would like to capture video of one of your landscaping projects, here's a few tips to keep in mind. Most smartphones can capture HD video and work great for landscaper videos. The high-end smartphones, such as the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S5 work especially well. Obviously, a dedicated video camera will give you more capabilities. Try and use a tripod if at all possible. We can stabilize video to a certain extent but that has its limitations. Also: Avoid using tape cameras - always use digital.

  • Is Voice-Over mandatory?

    No. Although script writing and Voice-Over soundtracks are included at no additional cost, you can elect to have a video created with background music only if you wish.

  • How long does it take to receive my video?

    This is entirely dependent upon our current work-flow. But we do try and create all videos within a one week time span. If you have a deadline coming up, let us know.

Photo / Video Shoot

If you are located within 30 miles of the Denver Metro area or Evergreen, Colorado, we are able to provide award winning photography and videography appointments at your location. Photo / Video shoots typically take around two hours and we can travel to multiple projects and capture high-end footage for use on your website, videos and marketing materials.



Pricing: $200

•  No Travel Charge for Denver / Evergreen Area

•  Available Throughout Colorado

•  Includes up to 2 hours on-site

•  Can split time over multiple projects if desired


Offered By:

•  Len Brewer: Growbig Co-Owner

•  6 Time Calendar Contest Winner

•  14 Years Experience in the photo / video industry

•  Samples will be provided upon request


Call Len Brewer at 303-670-9000 for additional information and to schedule an appointment.




•  Photo / Video Shoot

•  2 Hours On-Site

•  Denver / Evergreen Area


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