"Do postcards really work?"

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Landscaping: Direct Mail

The headline above is a typical question that we receive on a daily basis. Successful Landscapers know that a great website is mandatory, but how are you going to inform the public that your website even exists? The obvious answer is Google, Yahoo and Bing. Right? Think again. Your great new website is now one of millions waiting to be discovered. Hoping that SEO will push your website to the top of Google is wishful thinking. Every business on the planet wants to be at the top of the Google search results. Don't put the future of your landscaping business at the mercy of the search engines.


Landscaping: Marketing

Direct Mail postcards will push your landscaping business into your Target Markets and force your message directly into the minds of the people that live in the exact neighborhoods where you want to work.

Why has Direct Mail historically been so successful? Because Direct Mail forces people to pick up your landscaping postcard and decide for themselves: "Is this something that I'm interested in?" No other advertising method can guarantee that level of interaction. Newspaper and magazine ads are reliant upon consumers reading habits and accidental discovery, TV and radio ads rely upon listeners random entertainment schedules and the mute button, and lastly, search engines are reliant upon random web surfers actively searching for your exact service at the exact time that you happen to have purchased an ad program.

What would you say on your postcard?

Only one marketing program can guarantee that it will reliably and continually place your business directly into the hands of your target market — and that is the Every Door Direct Mail marketing program by the United States Postal Service.


Direct Mail postcards will drive people to your website — your awesome website will drive them to the phone and email. The fact that you're reading this website right now proves that Direct Mail works.


Landscaping: Graphic Design

Trust to design the eye-catching, professional postcards that you need to elevate your landscaping business above your competition. We excel at creating appealing landscape designs and merging them with meaningful messages tailored to your clientèle.  Don’t trust your marketing campaign to design amateurs or the guy next door who just got a fancy new laptop and a copy of Microsoft Publisher. The reason that you hire a professional landscaper is the same reason that you hire a professional graphic designer; you need someone who excels at what they do.


Our clients commonly refer to us as 'The Direct Mail Experts' and we'll happily teach you everything you need to know. Advice is always free and we're here to help you every step of the way. It's easy to get started with the Every Door Direct Mail marketing program — send us an email or call at 303-670-9000 and let's discuss your landscaping business today.

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